Today I sat down on the sofa with a cheese sandwich, only to be met by (rather smug) cries of  “UH-OH, no smiley face for you today!” Cue, much tutting and finger wagging. “You know the rules!” they boomed. “No eating on the sofa!”


1. I declared it morning.

2. I dared serve a vegetable for lunch.

3. I didn’t know where the teeny tiny sparkly never seen before yellow brick was or is.

4. I was on the loo when I was “needed urgently, right now” to reach the biscuits.

5. I didn’t have the right biscuits.

6. I can`t do a cartwheel. (Star jumps aren’t cool, apparently)

7. I made them go to school.

8. We don’t live in or near Legoland.

9.  I sat down, when I should have been protecting the castle from the bad fairy pirate.

10. I mentioned teeth and brushing all in the same sentence.

11. Only one child got a smiley face. (Try explaining to a tired 3 year old, why hitting your brother really hard with a bucket full of lego, doesn’t warrant a smiley face.)

12. I declared it bedtime, when there were still “100 years left” of the day.



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12 thoughts on “THE SMILEY FACE POLICE

  1. When will you learn that kids are always right? We’re only grown-ups, after all.

    These are all painfully familiar, although we at least have the benefit of living within comfortable driving distance of Legoland …


  2. O my I have just laughed and laughed at this-it’s brilliant, and very very familiar! I too have felt the wrath of a three year old when mentioning teeth brushing, or earlier this week, suggesting that an octopus probably doesn’t own a pair of pyjamas. Unsurprisingly, I have yet to earn a smiley face too-you are not alone! x #sharewithme


  3. Love how you start with declaring it morning and end by declaring it bedtime. I think i cheated on the list thing. My post wasnt really a list! PS. How did you create the cool header for your blog? #bloggingmysteries


    • How do i do that? I tried to do it and couldnt!!! I cam add it in the sidebar as a widget bur not under the text! I al a clueless blogger! Is there a trick? If not can put it back in the sidebar!


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